Let's Get You Hired. Fast.

Say goodbye to those tiredsome and clunky processes. Flashire let you find new jobs and apply for them in one single tap.
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Flashire Is Changing The Game. See How.

  • One Tap Application

    Apply to a job of your interest by pressing a single button. That's it!
  • LATAM Focused

    Our region is full of amazing technical talent that deserves the best opportunities.
  • Smart Feed

    Job Opportunity feed that allows you to apply as quickly as possible to any new job.
  • Transparency Granted

    Stop being ghosted by recruiters. Keep the pulse on your applications.
  • Grow and Connect

    Interact with other developers. Keep gorwing your knowledge base.
  • Stand Out

    Make your profile get prioritized and stand out from your competition.

Because Great Talent Deserves The Best.

Nobody likes to get ghosted by recruiters or being obligated to complete a long tedious form just to apply for a job. Flashire is here to remove all those pain points and turn the application journey into a pleasent experience.
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What Devs Are Saying

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Flashire seems to be a promising platform. Everything is extremely simple and I'm getting very quick responses from recruiters. Can't wait to see what's coming next.
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Jessica Humphries

Fullstack Developer (React / RoR)
Runs on Unicorn Platform