Find a new job in a matter of seconds.

Flashire connects top software development talent in Latam with recruiters in a single tap.

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How It Works For Recruiters 👩🏼‍💻

Post your available positions and let Flashire's AI help you fast track your selection process.

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How It Works For Developers 😎

Find your next job and become the perfect candidate in one tap. 

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  • Create Your Profile

    Tell the world who you are! Create your professional profile and get started.

  • Find Opportunities

    Discover new opportunities by scrolling through Flashire's job feed and apply with a single tap.

  • Connect & Track

    Track your opportunities and connect with recruiters from respected companies.

  • Flashire is evolving fast.

    Leverage a unique set of features that simplify both job seeking process and hiring process.

    • One Tap Application

      No forms to be filled, no pop ups. Just one tap.

    • Dynamic Job Matching

      Let our smart Job Feed show you new opportunities.

    • Coming Soon

      Flashire Connect

      A community driven experience coming soon.

    • Coming Soon

      Track Your Processes

      Transparency with your recruiter is always granted.

    • Candidate Priorization

      Let Flashire tell you who the strongest prospects are.

    • Coming Soon

      Flashire Workflows

      RPA is coming soon to a TA department near you.  

    • Coming Soon

      Flashire Recommendations

      Allow Flashire to suggest profile recommendations.

    • Coming Soon

      Generative IA Templates

      Documentation is important. Let us handle it for you.

    Initial Availability is coming early November.

    Be part of our early release.

    Runs on Unicorn Platform